Why Should I use Nagarjun's Oil

7 Reason to choose nagarjuna

  • 1Heritage of knowledge :

    Ayurveda is in our blood since generations and hence we have all the required knowledge that we use to prepare our oil products insuch a way that our customers get themselves benefited maximally.

  • 2Expertise of 5 generations :

    We have expertise of 5 generations in preparing Ayurvedic oil products. An expertise that imparts only the best that can be possible by high level human effort.

  • 3Purity :

    We exercise stringent quality procedures right from the purchase of herbs or oil or other substances and we wash them thoroughly, remove impurities and we take due steps to keep them in hygienic storage. Our manufacturing area is of highest standard among Ayurvedic manufacturers.

  • 4Naturality :

    We use only original herbs or any substance with due respect to their efficacy.

  • 5Proven traditional procedure :

    We follow our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to manufacture oil preparations so that every time only a high quality product can go out of our factory. Our standards for preparing Ayurvedic oils are much higher than industrial standards.

  • 6Efficacy as expected :

    We have been providing same quality generation after generation and Vaidyas are prescribing or self purchasing with keeping eyes their eyes closed because they know that only guaranteed goods they will receive batch-after-batch.

  • 7Experience of country of origin :

    Since last 5 generations, we manufacture our oil preparations and we having receiving response increasingly by Vaidyas generation after generations and