Nervous disability

Bala Tailam 150 ml. Oil

Bala (Side cordifolia) is one of the chief ingredients of this oil and hence the name of the preparation. Secondly Bala means 'strength.1 Bala Tailam is an Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil. A massage oil for all Doshas, it helps strengthen those who have debilitated and need fast-acting improvement. It works on the building up the body's immunity and improves the luster in a persons face. Bala Tailam is well known for its muscle toning and strengthening properties that help promote vigor and vitality. This particular oil relieves the ailments related to muscles and nerves, thereby strengthening them to regain their vitality for systemic functioning. On regular use, it nourishes the nervous system and gradually improves the functional capacity of muscular and skeletal system. Apart from being a remedy for arthritic complaints, Bala Tailam serves as a medium to check the progress of the disease, which is quite comma in Rheumatic ailments. Thus it also acts as a preventive measure against secondary attacks of joint disorders. This vata pacifying oil is a well-known rejuvenator that imparts comfort to the sensory organs, enlivens and nurtures the body and mind. The recipe is advised for its calming effects that aid the body to regain strength. Its nourishing effects are highly acclaimed. The brief description of chief ingredient are given below.