Bala Tailam 150 ml. Oil


Bala (Side cordifolia) is one of the chief ingredients of this oil and hence the name of the preparation. Secondly Bala means 'strength.1 Bala Tailam is an Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil. A massage oil for all Doshas, it helps strengthen those who have debilitated and need fast-acting improvement. It works on the building up the body's immunity and improves the luster in a persons face. Bala Tailam is well known for its muscle toning and strengthening properties that help promote vigor and vitality. This particular oil relieves the ailments related to muscles and nerves, thereby strengthening them to regain their vitality for systemic functioning. On regular use, it nourishes the nervous system and gradually improves the functional capacity of muscular and skeletal system. Apart from being a remedy for arthritic complaints, Bala Tailam serves as a medium to check the progress of the disease, which is quite comma in Rheumatic ailments. Thus it also acts as a preventive measure against secondary attacks of joint disorders. This vata pacifying oil is a well-known rejuvenator that imparts comfort to the sensory organs, enlivens and nurtures the body and mind. The recipe is advised for its calming effects that aid the body to regain strength. Its nourishing effects are highly acclaimed. The brief description of chief ingredient are given below.

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Bala Tailam 150 ml. Oil

Bala (Sida cordifolia):

Bala is described as Rasayan, Vishaghana, Balya and Pramehaghna in the Vedic literature. Charaka described Bala under Balya, Brumhani dashaimani, while Shushruta described both Bala and Atibala in Madhur skandha. It is extensively used for Ayurvedic therapeutics internally as well as externally. The root of the herb is used as a good tonic and immunomodulator.

According to Ayurveda 'Bala' balance all the doshas -vata, pitta, kapha. It has more effect on vata dosha.

Bala oils are used topically to the sore muscles and sore joints in rheumatism and arthritis with the crushed leaves can be carried out a cataplasm to alleviate local pains and because of its astringent value for the cure of external wounds or imperfections of the skin.

The plant is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and tonic. It affects the central nervous system and provides relief from anxiety.

Decoction of the root bark is given in sciatica and rheumatism.

Another study evaluated for anti-inflammatory activity of ethanolic extract of Sida cordifolia L. against carrageenan (0.1 ml of 1 %, subplantar of hind paw) induced paw edema and cotton pellet granuloma method. The ethanolic extract of Sida cordifolia L. showed (100mg/kg and 200 mg/kg) significant reduction in percentage inhibition of paw edema and granuloma formation and compared with Indomethacin at a dose of 20mg/kg p.o. They found that Sida cordifolia L. is effective in acute and subacute antiinflammatory activities. The oil obtained from Sida cordifolia L. seeds was also found to possess anti-inflammatory activity against carrageenan induced paw edema in albino rats reported by another author at dose of 400 mg/kg body weight.

Similar study conducted from leaves reported the leaves of Sida cordifolia L. had anti-rheumatism in rats correlated with the report of another study that decoction of root bark has ability to treat sciatica and rheumatism. Traditionally oils prepared from this herb are very useful in arthritis and diseases that affect the joints. It was also reported that aqueous extract of whole plant of Sida cordifolia L was used in anti-rheumatism.

Yava (Hordeum vulgare):

Yava (barley) is strength promoting because it clarifies obstruction to channels of circulation or its specific action High fibre helps remove toxins from kidney, reduces constipation,reduces inflammation in arthritis, makes bones healthy, prevents osteoporosis, improves digestive system, & prevents colon cancer. Barley water has antioxidants which prevent cell damage from free radicals, therefore improve immunity, fight infection, intestinal infection & prevent ageing process.

Ber (Zizyphus oxyphylla):

The crude methanolic extract of various leaves of Zizyphus oxyphylla was tested for antiinflammatory and analgesic activity it was found that this extract contained both anti inflammatory and analgesic glucose activity on acetic acid-induced algesia in mice. It was found that both fractions showed significant activity. Methanolic extract of roots was more effective in inhibiting the oxazalone induced DTH. The crude extract of Zizyphus spins-Christi has also been reported to show dose dependant response in hot plate method & acetic acid induced writhing was given. It showed its effect possibly due to the writhing method.

Kulthi (Vigna unguiculata):

Ayurveda uses horse gram to treat a variety of conditions helps in treating and controlling skin rashes and boils. It is utilized in diseases ranging from rheumatism to worm removal, treating Conjunctivitis and piles. It helps in treating and controlling skin rashes & boils.

Dashmool (A mixture of ten roots):

Dashmoola invariably means ten roots that are categorized as Brihatpanchamoola (great roots) comprising 5 trees & Laghupanchamoola (small roots) comprising 5 smaller plants. Each of the plants is endowed with incredible medicinal properties and they act synergistically in combination. The ten roots (Dashmoolam) help to prevent degenerative changes in the joints. Dashmoola is a traditional Ayurvedic formula for removing excess vata from the system. It is a nourishing muscle tonic that strengthens the body and calms the nerves. Dashmoola promotes healthy expectoration & respiration while supporting the proper function of the lungs & nervous system. The formula is very grounding & helps direct the flow of vata energy in the body downward. The preparation helps manage pain in body, numbness, stiffness &Ama disorder.

This oil can be used in rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, gout & other disorders related to joints. Neurological disorders like facial palsy, hemiplegia, paraplegia, epilepsy.

Adverse effects:

There are no recorded side effects of this medicine.


People with high BP and cholesterol should exercise precaution while taking this medicine. Avoid cold food stuff soon after taking this oil orally.

As per the condition, the Bala Tailam can be used either internally as an additive to decoctions or externally as oil for Abhyangam. It could also be used for Nasya to treat diseases related to eye, ear, nose, face & head.

For external use, it can be used for a long period of time. Apply slightly warm on body 1 hour before bathing.

May be given internally in dose of 3 - 6 ml, once in the morning with milk or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

Internally, it is usually administered for not more than 2 -3 months.