About us

  • Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals started in 1979 with capital of just Rs.50 (Indian rupees fifty only). Later in the year 1994, the company was converted into today's Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals Private Limited (NPPL) with phenomenal growth in short span of life.

    NAGARJUN - a great Ayurveda Scholar who developed Rasa Shashtra (Indian Alchemy) in such a way that even toxic or harmful metals can be converted into the most utilized manner for clinical benefits.

    He introduced many new formulations for the benefit of entire universe. The great sage as he was. he gave a new direction to the utility of the subject and was truly honoured as "RASA VAIDYA" of the country. To continue this honour, we christened our company with his name.

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    • photoVaidya Shri Prabhashankar J. Joshi.
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    • photo Vaidya Shri Harishankar N. Sharma (Joshi)
    • photo Vaidya Satish Joshi. M.D. (Ayurveda)
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  • We have huge capacities to manufacture different Ayurvedic products. We have huge storing capacity for raw materials to minimize seasonal variations that may affect the quality of products. The storage is maintained at its best hygienic standards. We take extreme care in preparing formulations like Tailam (Medicated oils- both for external and internal use), Ghritam (Medicated preparation of clarified butter), Avaleha (A semi-liquid sugar based preparation), Kashaya (A concentrated preparation of water-extraction of herbs), Rasa-rasayan.Bhasma preparations (which requires multiple procedures to ensure purity and proper detoxification). Ghanvati (Tablet), Guggulu tablet and other such mind-boggling preparations.

    We have different sections to manufacture different Shashtrokta (classic) Ayurvedic preparations ensuring separate area for each variety of preparations. We have our own plant for ensuring pure water (Having treated with reverse osmosis procedures and demoralization process) so that purity and sanctity to products are ensured.

  • We implement the stringent quality procedures right from the selection of raw herbs to final shipping of the products. We use organically cultivated herbs for our preparations. We use mercury and other metal preparations only after their toxicity is removed by multistep natural Shodhan (Detoxification) process. We prepare our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when we do not get support from Pharmacopoieas or from standard reference books (Samhitas) of Ayurveda. We also do modem Q.C. testings to make the product doubly assured. We keep samples of each and every batch retained for sufficient time period so that any query regarding products can be attained and solved amicably.